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Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

  1. Our school will be a place where students cultivate an active and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • This includes studying God’s Word, maintaining an active prayer life, being part of a church community, making oneself accountable to others, and seeking to share Christ through word and deed.
    • Students should make every effort to avoid influences that create a heart divided from the Lord. This includes what one views and listens to, recognizing that anything that mocks or disregards biblical standards can be destructive to a life of faith.
  2. Our school will be a place where students respect each other’s physical and spiritual well-being.
    • Encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11). This requires us to treat others with kindness and respect at all times. It also requires us to be a positive influence in the lives of those with whom we associate.
    • Communicate with others in the spirit of love. This requires that we refrain from such things as gossip, anger, unkind words (spoken or written), and cruel jokes at the expense of others.
      • Students must avoid insults, threats, unkindness toward one another, and any language which is vulgar, or which demeans either God or humankind. Bullying and hazing are also unacceptable behaviors.
      • Each student must respect and protect the property rights of others and refrain from misusing, misappropriating or infringing in any manner with the personal or assigned property of others.
      • Students must refrain from physical interference such as tripping, hitting, poking, and the like. Rough-housing, even in play, leads too quickly to danger or misunderstanding and is not permitted.
      • Since mutual respect involves not distracting one another and not advertising partiality, students will refrain from public displays of affection or dislike.
  3. Our school will be a place where the authority of God, parents and the school staff are appropriately respected.
    • Develop relationships that edify our relationship with Christ and spur us to live righteously (1 Corinthians 15:33).
      • Students must obey instructions from the Academy’s staff and its supporting adults promptly and willingly, avoid displaying any negativism of tone or attitude and exhibit respect toward teachers and authority.
      • Students will not distract or detract from the learning of others or themselves.
      • Students should walk in an orderly manner between locations in the building and be prompt in their arrival at class and for other school events.
      • Students will comply with school’s dress code.
  4. Our school will be a place where people demonstrate lives of integrity.
    • Be honest and above reproach. We must always speak the truth, and avoid any appearance of dishonesty (Proverbs 8:7). This includes avoiding such things as stealing, lying, cheating, and deception.
    • Students will exhibit academic honesty, as we are called to lives that are characterized by holiness (1 Peter 1:14-16).
    • Students will exhibit honesty in all their dealings with the staff and students of the Academy and its activities.
  5. Our school will be a safe and clean learning environment, and students will accept guidelines chosen to care for our facility and maximize learning.
    • Demonstrate self-control (James 1:19). We must avoid allowing our behaviors or responses to a situation to be a hindrance or a distraction to the school community as a whole.
    • Students are expected to flee from the presence and association of any inappropriate or illegal activities (Ephesians 5:3-7).
      • Students should keep OCE and its campus neat and clean and avoid destruction, damage, or defacement of school property in any form.
      • All food must stay in the cafeteria unless given permission by a teacher or supervisor. Chewing gum may not be used in the building or at any school functions without permission of the staff. There may be no open food or drink in the hallways.
      • The possession or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons on campus is forbidden.
      • No student may be in unsupervised areas at any time (this include sitting in vehicles). Students are expected to be in their assigned areas at designated times. A student wishing to be excused from an assigned location or activity must get written permission from the assigned teacher. Permission given by another adult is not valid without the expressed consent of the assigned teacher.
  6. Our school will be an environment that practices sportsmanship and promotes school spirit.
    • Students will uphold fair play, be gracious in defeat and modest in victory, and will be a worthy representative at all games.
    • Students will support team and cheerleaders, attend extra-curricular activities when possible, and will participate in pep rallies and fundraisers.
    • Students will have pride in, and loyalty to, Outreach Christian Education.

Outreach Christian Education, as necessary and advisable, may add to or refine the above code of ethics in the best interests of the
students and the mission of the school.

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